Тип предложения: 
ищу инвестора
За рубежом
Сумма инвестиций: 
225 000 000 руб.

In the bathroom equipment market there is a wide model range of toilet bowls. They differ in color, material of production and cost. Thus, ach person is able to find bathroom equipment model and type suitable to him/her. But the thing that I needed with my inquiries is not present on the market and most likely for a long time will not appear.

I have an offer (idea) on improvement, a kind of supplement or small modification of a usual household toilet bowl. This idea related with shape improvement, advanced computer hardware or water heating device or transformation in a design. The idea offered is brand new and will be suitable for a wide range of users in a life, in a public place, especially in a toilet of the closed space - the air transport, railway as these changes in a toilet bowl will completely improve comfort and mood of the user. It doesn't have huge financial expenses. The effect from introduction of an innovation will increase sales, culture and hygiene of the person in societies as a whole. It especially will be appreciated by consumers with distinguished taste, patients with breath disease and the increased fastidiousness on smells.

I am ready to reveal it if your company helps to patent this opening and will give guarantee obligations for initial reward, and will consider dividends from sales. There is high risk of theft and no guarantee on protection of intellectual property in the place where I live, due to backwardness of the industry, an inadequate assessment of revolutionary openings and ideas.

In addition, I would like to offer solutions on:
cleaning big windows on high-rise buildings (skyscrapers) replacing dangerous profession of people;
fast evacuation of inhabitants in cases of an earthquake, a fire in residential buildings;
protection against pollution of premises and car salons.

Thank you for considering my letter and If you are interested looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards,