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500 руб.

Payment for the BG / SBLC issue from Deutsche Bank AG in 10 % (8+2), from
nominal valueoccurs within 10 banking days after the receipt of the instrument by
the beneficiary’s bank.
Nominal value of BG / SBLC - from 20 to 500 million euros (leasing).
The validity period is 1 year and 1 day with the possibility of
prolongation. Renewal cost - second year 5%, third year 4%.
The beneficiary’s bank – only banks in Europe, England, Asia, America.
Transfer of Ready, Willing and Able Letter (RWA) via SWIFT MT999/MT199, cost €
Payment of transfer fee SWIFT MT799 + MT760 40k / 40k € Getting started:
1. The recipient sends the Applicant a Client Information Sheet (CIS), in which the
following data must be provided:
- Requisites (surname, name, e-mail; phone number, bank employee).
- Scan of the passport of the signatory.
- Certificate of registration of the company, scan.
2. The beneficiary sends the applicant a letter of intent (LOI). A sample message text is
placed above.
3. After due diligence of the Recipient, the Applicant submits the Agreement to the
Recipient for signing.
4. The Beneficiary provides an extract71 from the Bank, on the availability of 10 % of
funds, to pay for the issue of SBCL (from the face value), or provides an Agreement
with the Bank on the issuance of a loan, the opening of the Overdraft, for the amount of
payment for the issue Bank issuer, SBCL.
5. Issue of RWA by the issuing bank:
- invoicing for payment to the Beneficiary (transfer fee for MT 199),
- payment of the invoice by the Beneficiary,
- transfer of SWIFT МТ 199 by the issuing bank to the Beneficiary's bank (3 banking
6. The recipient bank's response is that it is ready to go through the procedure for
obtaining the BLC.
7. Issue of an Invoice to the Beneficiary for payment for the MT799 issue (issue, 2
banking days).
8. MT799 response from the Beneficiary's Bank about its readiness to accept MT760
9. Placing an invoice for payment for the issue of MT760 (SBLC), issue 2 banking
10. Receiving a response on receipt of the Beneficiary's Bank МТ760 (arrival).
11. Payment by the Beneficiary for the issue of SBCL from 10 to 20 banking days.