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ищу инвестора
Сумма инвестиций: 
378 965 244 руб.

I am looking for an investor for a prospective private airline. Business travelers are interested in flying smoothly. When you can save time and money while traveling, this value is added to their business processes. Individual air travel is now a luxury that only the rich have.
However, thanks to recent advances in aviation technology leading to the arrival of light jets, along with the expansion of the airport network, aircraft charter for individual flights is also possible for the middle class and small businesses. Individual air travel has important advantages over large, linear airplanes.
This mainly means avoiding delays and inconveniences at airports and more available destinations. In the near future, airport taxi services will become competitively priced and will have an increasing share in the recreational travel market.
Mission to offer air transport,
providing travelers with a safe, comfortable and relaxing flight environment. Thanks to the on-demand and planned service available, the air travel customer will be able to decide when and how he wants to travel. I have an investment plan. For acquaintance, please contact me.Poland.Warszaw.Thanks